Positional Boost

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The most versatile boost circuit on the market. The Positional Boost was designed for guitarists that want to get the most from their pedal board, by changing which pedals are boosted with the tap of a foot switch.

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Detailed Specs

The unique design fits into a compact gold-sparkle case, based on the Hammond 1590b design, making it perfect for pedal boards of all shapes and sizes.


The MOSFET boost circuit is loosely based on the ZVEX Super Hard On, an ultra-transparent boost that goes from clean to crunch in just a crackle. An LED indicates whether the boost is engaged.

Loop Switch

The flipper switch enables you to choose where the boost is positioned, before or after any pedals you place in the built-in effects loop. The position of the boost is indicated by a pair of LEDs.


The pedal is powered by a 9v, center-negative DC input. Power supply not included.

How it works

It's simple to use; by placing a drive pedal into the effects loop, you can use the flipper switch to boost the volume or boost into the drive pedal and drive it harder.

Watch my short demo video to get an idea of how this could work for you:


A top-down view of the Haynes Effects positional boost
The Haynes Effects positional boost pedal from the front, showing the logo and footswitches
The Haynes Effects positional boost pedal from the back, showing the arrangement of the line input and outputs

Limited edition Gold Sparkle

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